Welcome to the American Singularity!

Why the Singularity?

·      The presidential nominating process is one in which everything, large and small, is sucked into its gravitational maw, allowing nothing to escape its grasp as events pass through the campaign cycle’s event horizon.

·      There is no more singular political experience on the planet than electing the President of the United States.

·      The United States is still the most free, most prosperous and brightest beacon of hope to billions around the world.

 Every action and reaction feeds into this black hole of press coverage, donor reactions, voter sentiment and activist opinions. Nothing goes unnoticed and nothing is forgotten. Legions of reporters, bloggers, opposition researchers, trackers, social media monitoring services, vacuum up every last syllable.

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November 22nd, 2016: Heil in a Handbasket - The Alt-Right Has Arrived

Chapter 1: Spring Training

Chapter 2: The Clintons' Funhouse Mirror

Chapter 3: Hillary's Not Ready for Takeoff Moment(s)

Chapter 4: Ted Cruz Jumps in the Pool

Chapter 5: Case Study: Scott Walker

Chapter 6: Understand(ing) Rand Paul

Insert: Is Hillary Clinton A Reflection of America?

Chapter 7: Marco! Polo!

Chapter 8: Short Attention Span (Political Theater)

Chapter 9: Super PACs - Jurassic Park for Politics

Chapter 10: Populism's Gravitational Pull (or Bernie and Carly and Ben and Huck)

Chapter 11: Rand's Silicon Rally

Chapter 12: National (in)Security

Insert: What China's Lighthouse Strategy Means for 2016

Chapter 13: Off the Rails: Randy and the Huckster

Chapter 14: Jeb! 2016 - Nothing Like It In the World

Chapter 15: Mid-Term Reviews

Chapter 16: Donald Trump's Asymmetric Presidential Campaign

Insert: American Singularity Survey Results

Chapter 17: Hillary vs. The Future

Chapter 18: Trump Awakens the Establishment

Chapter 19: Cleveland Debate Pre-Game Analysis

Chapter 20: Cleveland Rocks

Chapter 21: The GOP's Voices of Tomorrow

Chapter 22: What Difference Does It Make?

Chapter 23: The Politics of A New Age

Chapter 24: Different ≠ Better. Or Does It?

Chapter 25: Is Donald Trump the GOP Uniter of 2016?

Insert: Reagan Library Debate Pre-Game Report

Chapter 26: Reagan Library Debate Round-Up

Chapter 27: Seven Things Scott Walker's Campaign Taught Us

Chapter 28: October

Chapter 29: The GOP: It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

Insert: Democratic Debate Pre-Game Report

Chapter 30: Democratic Debate Re-Cap

Chapter 31: 2015's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Mixed Up, Very Bad Politics

Insert: Republican Debate Pre-Game Report

Chapter 32: Bombing in Boulder

Chapter 33: T-90 Days

Insert: Milwaukee GOP Debate Preview

Chapter 34: Brouhaha in Brew Town

Chapter 35: Paris and What Lay Beyond

Chapter 37: Infinite Jest(ers)

Chapter 38: Political Climate Change

Insert: Las Vegas GOP Bout Preview

Chapter 39: Leaving Las Vegas

The 2015 Reeding List

Chapter 42: Epiphany

Insert: GOP Palmetto State Debate (Preview)

Chapter 43: GOP Low Country Show Down

Chapter 44: Election 2016 as Inflection Point

Insert: Too Late for Autopsies, Rebranding & Soul Searching

Chapter 45: Closing Time in Iowa

Chapter 46: Iowa - The Land of Pork and Honey

Insert: Farewell, Rand Paul. And We Thank You...

Insert: The Democrats' Dynamic Duo

Insert: Fight Night in New Hampshire

Chapter 47: Outsiders In

Chapter 48: Shrimp & Grits

Chapter 49: Jeb Bush Exits the Stage

Chapter 50: Trump's Coming Up Aces

Insert: The Party that Mistook Its Voters for a Safety Net

Chapter 51: An Atlas with No Maps

Chapter 52: Rebels, Wolverines, Vandals & Rainbow Warriors

Chapter 53: The End of the Beginning

Chapter 54: Embrace the Suck

Chapter 55: Watch What Happens (Next)

Chapter 56: What Ifs

Chapter 57: (Dis)Establishment

Chapter 58: Delegates for Dummies

Insert: Uncharted Waters

Chapter 59: Campaign 2016's Final Five

Chapter 60: You Can Go Your Own Way

Chapter 61: You're Missing the Overall

Chapter 62: The Greens, New Democrats, Tories & the National Front

Insert: Time to Turn the Page

Chapter 63: Nowhere to Run to, No Place to Hide

Chapter 64: This Isn't My Country

Insert: The Scorpion and the Frog

Chapter 65: Moments

Chapter 66: 2016 As Referendum: But on What and About Who?

Chapter 68: The Right Angles of History

Chapter 69: Country Feedback

Insert: We Are the World

Chapter 70: Trump the Unready

RNC Day 1 Recap: You Can't Be Surprised

RNC Day 3 Recap: Oh! What A Night!

RNC Day 4 Recap: It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

Chapter 71: The Balloon is About to Pop (On the Two Party System)

Chapter 72: The Great Untethering

Chapter 73: (Peaceful?) Transitions of Power

Chapter 74: It's the End of the GOP as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)

Chapter 75: Hillary's Landslide ≠ A Mandate

Chapter 76: The @GOP: Stuck in the Middle with Trump

Insert: America's Orange Devolution

Chapter 77: The GOP's Lost Boys

Chapter 90: Today's GOP - Burned Bridges & Broken Promises

Chapter 91: The End - The Last 36 Hours on a Presidential Campaign